McAllen, TX A Growing City in the Rio Grande Valley

Located in the Rio Grande Valley, McAllen, TX is the heart of South Texas and has become a metropolitan force in the area.

Four hours south of San Antonio and only 8 miles from the border of Mexico, McAllen is a budding city where the big city vibe, Texas country lands and Mexican influence all merge to form this truly unique area.

With a vast infrastructure and businesses emerging, the area has attracted a variety of people from all different backgrounds. Included in the emergence is the progressive arts and entertainment district, which allows McAllen to showcase its culturally diverse art and character through a variety of artistic mediums.

Mission of Film McAllen

Our mission is to offer filmmakers the chance to express their original thoughts and unique perspectives; to share their secrets through the language of film. In doing so, we provide the community the advantage of witnessing fresh ideas, raw talent and the beginnings of something great. Our desire is to inspire the audience to dream and believe in something greater.

Though geographically disconnected from other big-time filming industries and locations, McAllen is paving the way to form new relationships with the film industry. We embrace the opportunity to connect the community with a new appreciation for the passion of the film industry.